We are striving to approach leading position as an auto parts corporation in the future.

Here is the greeting from the president of INFAC, CHOI, OheGil
We sincerely welcome our visitors to the website.

INFAC has strived to grant satisfaction to our customers based on the advanced technology and outstanding competitiveness since its establishment in 1969. Also, the corporation has guided the field of automobile parts by expanding its territory of business into various parts of vehicle including solenoid valves, antennas and horns.

In recent years, we are doing our utmost to become the representative company of automobile parts in the future by maintaining the original technology and competitiveness of the next-generation parts business, such as mass production of actuators, which are electric parts.

INFAC will do our utmost to advance and expand as a world-class leader in the industry of auto parts with consistent development of technology by the virtue of knowledge, trust and smooth communication with customers.

We are grateful to our customers and shareholders for their trust and affection, and we promise that all our employees will put all their passion into faithful attitude in order to meet your expectations and fulfill our responsibilities.

Thank you.

INFAC's innovation and challenge will continue.

History reflects the future. We suggest you to perceive the glorious history of INFAC in order to predict the future of INFAC. The strength of INFAC that outpaced by over 15 percents of rapid average annual growth over the past 20 years, can be summarized by tenacity-based sincerity and faithfulness-based responsibility.

However, the future should not be viewed only in a mirror, but it should be analyzed with a microscope and speculated specifically with a telescope.In the age of unlimited competition, we must secure competitiveness beyond the sincerity and responsibility because we have to grow to meet the world's level beyond the domestic market with the determination that we can not survive unless you are the best.

Up to now, INFAC has made remarkable quantitative growth.In the future, we will achieve qualitative growth as well as quantitative growth

We intend to maximize synergy and do our best to develop new products based on the integration of research institutes and to keep the principle of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) for customer satisfaction. Even if failures occasionally occur, patience and continued investment in technological development (R & D) will keep the future of INFAC strong.

I hear that INFAC is somewhat conservative. In a sense, the heavy and serious nature of conservatism can be said to be the strength that made INFAC today. Based on trust and stability which proposes positive force of maintenance, INFAC will ceaselessly pursue the innovation and challenge for Infinite Accuracy (INFAC) in the fields of technology, quality and management.

Thank you.